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About Us


GENERAL BYTES is the world's largest Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency ATM manufacturer. We bring Android, Bitcoin and blockchain based technologies to new and unexpected places. Our mission is to become the leading bitcoin and blockchain technology provider. We are based in Prague, Czech Republic and Bradenton, Florida, USA from where we spread our innovations to the world.

Why Android?

Android has proven to be the leading platform for phones and tablets. What we are doing is bringing Android technology to other devices and machines. Android has several unmatched strengths: It is built on Linux, it is opensource, has a developer community of millions providing thousands of software libraries that allow for rapid software development. Because Android is primarily based on ARM architecture, we can create custom cost-effective PCB hardware designs. In summary, these aspects give us total control over the software and hardware allowing us to make the best products we can possibly imagine. Our hardware platform is utilizing Android and therefore providing customers with the best touch-optimized interface.  

Why Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an amazing technology and a bit of adventure. Nobody can tell you where Bitcoin and other blockchain-based technologies will lead the industry but a few things are clear: Bitcoin and blockchain technology is here to stay, the unique design of blockchain technology opens unprecedented opportunities in computing and not just for money transmitting purposes. The first Android-based Bitcoin devices GENERAL BYTES introduced where the BATMOne and BATMTwo Bitcoin ATM units that took the Bitcoin community by storm. Check out the BATMTwo Bitcoin ATM model in our online store. 

Our core company values?

Truth, Privacy and Freedom. Truth is important, without truth one can't live a real life. Without privacy your behaviour changes and it is not yours. There are several forms of freedom: Freedom of speech, Freedom of choice, Freedom to act and Freedom to own. With the current state of technology and the rest of the world, we feel that it is our duty to defend these core values. Preservation of these core values is the only way to protect nations and mankind from misuse of raising artificial intelligence or to manipulate behaviour via propaganda or censorship and always present spying and dictatorship via money control.